Hello Family & Friends!

I am pleased to see you are taking the time out to read my story! 

As you know this is my graduation day!! WOOOHOOO!!! I am super excited and hold each and everyone of you in my heart! 

Without the love of my family and friends I would not have been able to accomplish my first mile stone in life "High School Graduation". 

As you know college, books and supplies are very expensive. With your help I will be set on a even better path to sucess when starting college! 

Mom, Kevin, Gigi and Dad have already given me all the material gifts a only child could ask for, however I know that my college expenses will be very costly for them. 

I appreciate all help you give me so that I can reach my goal of graduatng in 4 years with my BAS!!!

As always, I love you all and thank you for always supporting me with your love and kind words! 

Love Zoe!

Zoe N. Schott 2015
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